How to find cheap flights in New Zealand


When buying flights in New Zealand it really pays to shop around. Prices can vary alot. The best strategy is to get offers from as many travel agents as possible. It helps to be flexible with the date you want to fly since some airlines only fly on certain days of the week. Tell the travel agents about your cheapest offer so far so they concentrate on finding something better. Most travel agents especially the larger ones will match the cheapest offer you have or give you an even better deal on the same flight. Often (but not always) you will find the cheapest fares online. This applies especially to flights within New Zealand.

Domestic Flights (Flights within New Zealand)

Book at least 1 month before your flight date otherwise the cheap tickets will be sold out and you will have to settle for a more expensive one. Be especially early if you want to fly on Mondays or Fridays thats when a lot of New Zealanders fly to work and back. There are 2 major domestic airline Air New Zealand and Quantas. You can book them at any travel agent but the cheapest tickets are only available if you book them on the internet. Here are the links to those 2 airlines:

Air New Zealand
New Zealand Tel: 0800 737 000

New Zealand Tel: 0800 808 767

International Flights

Again book early! At least 1 month before you want to fly. Of course sometimes an airline decides to throw a few cheap tickets on the market a few weeks before you fly, but generally it is better to book early. Here are a few hand picked places you should check out:

Zuji Travel - New Zealand
New Zealand Tel: 0800 89 9854
Other Countries Tel: +61 3 8330 4347

They have an online booking system, you can buy online with credit card. Play a bit with dates and date ranges if you are flexible to find the real cheapies!

Lion World Travel Ltd
233 Queen St
New Zealand Tel: 0800 277 477
Other Countries Tel: +64 9 307 4449
Give them a call or visit the shop if you are in Auckland. Try to talk to Barbara she seems to know what she is doing.

Go Holidays
New Zealand Tel: 0800 468 332
Other Countries Tel: +64 9 374 5002

Flights to Australia

Since Pacific Blue flys between New Zealand and Australia prices have dropped noticably. Check out their website at:

Pacific Blue
New Zealand Tel: 0800 67 0000
Other Countries Tel: +61 7 3295 2284